Labels & Signage

These are some of the typical signs you will find on your inflatable(s) upon arrival.

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Safety Rules

  • When operated properly, and according to the following rules, Inflatable Games are a safe and a fun form of entertainment that will thrill participants at any event. It is imperative that operators follow the safety rules when operating their inflatable games.
  • If power should go off during the time that children or adults are playing, the inflatable game may deflate rapidly. Ask all occupants to immediately sit down; then a responsible game attendant should direct the evacuation of all occupants.
  • Do not inflate in high winds or rain. High winds are considered to be 15 mph or higher.
  • Unload all occupants and deflate the ride if the wind becomes excessive.
  • Use an adequate three-wire extension cord, min. 12 gauge for 50ft. Never cut or remove the round grounding pin from the cord.
  • Always connect a GFI extension cord adaptor to any extension cord before plugging into a power source. This reduces the possibility of shock in wet environments. A GFI extension cord adaptor can be purchased at most Do-lt-Yourself type stores.
  • Check the GFI operation at least once per event.
  • Before staking games into the ground, obtain marking and location information from the utility companies if there is a possibility of striking underground utilities. Also, ensure there are no underground irrigation pipes, electric wires, gas lines, or telephone cables that the utility company or property owner may have installed.
  • Limit occupants to the number specified on the label or in the owner’s manual.
  • Always ensure that there is adequate clearance around and above the ride. Look for tree limbs and electrical wires that may pose a hazard.
  • Do not allow any children or adults in the rear of the game or near the electric blower fan at any time.
  • Do not put fingers/hands into fan intake, fan outlet, fan motor, or fan motor housing when running.
  • Never roll up or pack an inflatable when wet unless you plan to dry it that same day.
  • Never use chlorine-based cleanser or bleach to clean, as this may damage the thread or vinyl.
REMEMBER, the Operator is ultimately responsible for the majority of injuries that happen on inflatable games. Pay Attention and Be Aware of what your Customers are doing at all times!