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Welcome To HEC Worldwide Inflatables.

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Welcome to HEC Worldwide Inflatables

Quality Inflatables Designed and Engineered in Florida Manufactured and Distributed Worldwide.

HEC Worldwide is a name that has represents the best in Inflatable Ride & Game manufacturing. Even though we have more than two decades of experience under our belts, we continue to push the industry forward by creating and developing new ideas and design concepts, implementing new technologies and we never stop stretching the boundaries of innovation.

All HEC Worldwide designs and products are manufactured using the highest quality materials available in the industry today and are guaranteed to meet all of the applicable ASTM, NFPA & CPSIA standards regarding safety, fire resistance and lead content.

Here’s just a few of the features we incorporate into our designs
✔ Seamless Slide Technology™ with our Patented Bridge-Weld™ design.
✔ Seamless Transition™ between slide body and slip n slide.
✔ Double, Triple and Quad Stitching combined with Dura Seal reinforced seams in high stress areas.
✔ Gator Mouth seams at the entrance, exits and end walls
✔ Velcro on Deflation Flaps for quicker release of air.
✔ Longer Anchoring Points.
✔ Anti-Jump netting on all slides and designs with a slide.
✔ Zip It deflation zippers with heavy duty flaps for added protection.

With a full range of products and designs ranging from water slides, dry slides, wet/dry slides, obstacle courses, bouncers, combos to interactive designs, toddler and sport themed inflatables, there’s no doubt that HEC Worldwide has everything you need to grow your business both today and in the future.

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Our Seamless Slide Lane™ constructed with our Patented Bridge-Weld™ Technology is one of your advantages of purchasing from HEC Worldwide Inflatables. Our extensive testing and 2-year limited warranty on this technology gives you the confidence you need when purchasing your next water slide or combo. No more worn replacement cover sheets, worn Velcro and easier cleanup are some of the cost savings benefits of this technology.
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Our Seamless Slide Lane™ Technology combined with our new Seamless Slide Lane Transition™ System connecting slide bodies to slip and slides which we feel is the safest in the industry. HEC Worldwide Inflatables plans to be a part of the Inflatable industry and part of your success for many years to come. We will continue to innovate and create new inflatables and cost saving ideas that could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.
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A Patented Technology that uses Internal Heat Welding to Attach the Baffles to the Slide Lane and/or Pool, Eliminating the Sewn Seams.
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Adrenaline Rush
Vertical Rush
Jungle Trek
Tiki Plunge
Patriot Challenge
Wipe Out
Seamless Slide Lane
Krazed Kolor
Bridge-Weld Technology
Seamless Transition
Integrated Landing System
J Series
HEC Worldwide Inflatables revolutionized the inflatable indusrty and developed the Industries most innovative features like our Seamless Slide Lane application powered by PATENTED BRIDGE-WELD TECHNOLOGY. These features save time, save money, increase profitability, as well as make a safer inflatable and our Seamless Transitation System connecting slide bodies with slip and slides which we feel is the safest in the indusrty. HEC Worldwide Inflatables created some of the most reconizable names in the inflatable industry. Registered Trade Marked names like Adrenaline Rush and Vertical Rush are an industry standard and adding others like Atomic Rush, Nuclear Rush, Wipe Out, Kahuna, Surge, Jungle Trek, Tiki Plunge, Patroit Challenge, Hurricane, Rampage, AirCade and many more will set HEC Worldwide Inflatables aside from the competition and offer hours of entertaiment to our clients and their customers.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables plans to be a part of the Inflatable industry and part of your success for many years to come. We continue to innovate and create new inflatables with cost saving ideas that could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

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With on going development and design, HEC Worldwide is committed to provide you with quality products and will continue to innovate and create new inflatables. Along with our Seamless Slide Lane™ and Patented Bridge-Weld™ Technology, HEC Worldwide has new color schemes available for our Water Slides and Obstacle Courses.
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Integrated Landing Systems impact protection airbag provides a landing system that ensures safe and soft landings without recoil and repressurizes instantly to provide continual through put. Integrated Landing Systems secondary impact absorbion layer offers safety and security upon impact. ILS uses quality materials and installs inflatable safety barriers to prevent riders from sliding off the airbag. ILS provides branding services to its clients. Interchangeable banners will provide our clients and their sponcers with colorful and attractive banners for any event.


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