Atomic Rush™ 5 Colors

Atomic Rush™ Inflatable Obstacle Course

3 Piece Unit

Dimensions: 55’L x 21’W x 21’H

Total Weight: 1460 lbs.


Another HEC orginal in the "Rush" series of obstacle courses, the Atomic Rush in a 3 piece unit of unique design. The 45' Obstacle Course (can be used seperately) has an elevated floor to increase the difficulty of the obstacle. The 180 is a conector piece that can also be attached to other HEC Obstacle Course. The final piece is the Atomic Drop, a gigantic Rock Climb Slide that ends with a drop into an air bag.

Blower(s): 5
Operators Required: 1
Max. Players: 2
Max. Player Height: N/A
Min. Player Height: 34"
Max. Player Weight: 250 lbs.

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Atomic Rush™ 5 Colors

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