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We understand your business has to be earned and we are committed to provide you with quality products, affordable pricing and on time delivery. As one of the industries leaders in inflatable manufacturing HEC Worldwide Inflatables offers a wide selection of commercial inflatables including inflatable bounce houses, inflatable moonwalks, inflatable combos, inflatable slides, inflatable obstacle courses and inflatable interactive games. HEC Worldwide Inflatables also offers a wide variety of constant air and sealed air inflatable products including inflatable mazes, inflatable water sports equipment, inflatable tents, inflatable tracks, inflatable boats and inflatable water parks.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables has been manufacturing commercial inflatables since 1993 and is your clear choice in Quality, Creativity and Reliability. From Concept to Creation HEC Worldwide Inflatables builds inflatables that are made to last. Every inflatable we sell is designed and built to HEC standards by professional craftsmen using "lead-free" PVC vinyl material, to the final inspection on each unit before shipment. When you purchase from HEC Worldwide Inflatables you have confidence knowing you purchased quality products.

Our SEAMLESS SLIDE LANE™ constructed with our PATENT PENDING BRIDGEWELD™ TECHNOLOGY is one of your advantages of purchasing from HEC Worldwide Inflatables. Our extensive testing and 3-year limited warranty on this technology gives you the confidence you need when purchasing your next water slide or combo. No more worn replacement cover sheets, worn Velcro and easier clean up are some of the cost savings benefits of this technology.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables has over 30 years of experience in operating or manufacturing for Family Entertainment Centers. HEC Worldwide Inflatables offer custom design services for Family Entertainment Centers and Marketing Companies, and has created and produced custom inflatable bounce houses, inflatable obstacle courses, inflatable slides, inflatable playgrounds for the largest indoor inflatable centers in the United States. For Quality and Creativity HEC Worldwide Inflatables will make your ideas a reality.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables has created some most recognized inflatables in the inflatable industry. Inflatables such as the Adrenaline Rush obstacle course, Vertical Rush obstacle course, Atomic Rush obstacle course, Wipe Out water slide, Big Kahuna water slide and Full Throttle water slide are just a few inflatables that has offered hours of entertainment to our clients and their customers.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables plans to be a part of the Inflatable industry, and part of your success for many years to come. HEC Worldwide Inflatables will continue to innovate and create new inflatables and cost saving ideas such as our SEAMLESS SLIDE LANE™ patent pending BRIDGEWELD™ TECHNOLOGY that could add thousands of dollars to your bottom line.

I would like to thank all our customers, friends and HEC staff for the continuing success of HEC Worldwide.

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The Best in Inflatable Ride & Game Manufacturing

HEC Worldwide is a name that has represents the best in Inflatable Ride & Game manufacturing. Even though we have more than two decades of experience under our belts, we continue to push the industry forward by creating and developing new ideas and design concepts, implementing new technologies and we never stop stretching the boundaries of innovation.
All HEC Worldwide designs and products are manufactured using the highest quality materials available in the industry today and are guaranteed to meet all of the applicable ASTM, NFPA & CPSIA standards regarding safety, fire resistance and lead content.
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HEC Worldwide is a leader in Inflatable Ride & Game Industry
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