Rock Climb Slide 30' HEC Original Inflatable Ride For Sale | Bounce House Event Rental Business

Rock Climb Slide 30′ HEC Original

Blowers: 1
Operators Required: 1
Max. Players: 2
Max. Player Height: N/A
Min. Player Height: 34″
Max. Player Weight: 250 lbs.
Dimensions: 30’L x 11’W x 16’H
Weight: 427 lbs.


Not only is the Rock Climb Slide a great stand alone obstacle course, you can create a 60’ or 70’ Mega Obstacle by connecting the Rock Climb Slide to either our 30’ Obstacle or 40’ Obstacle Course! As a member HEC Worldwide’s exclusive Vertical Rush family, our Rock Climb Slide can also be used with both the 17 & 22 Vertical Rush and the X Factor giving you the ultimate in flexibility and profitability!

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