Zorb Ball : Tracks

The Zorb Ball combines the thrill of bouncing with the excitement of rolling, all while safely contained within a soft, flexible plastic ball. It’s harder than you think to control the direction and movement of your ball while you’re bouncing and rolling along: that’s the challenge and the fun of our safe, durable inflatable Zorb Ball!

The Zorb Ball design is remarkably simple, yet fantastically fun: one flexible plastic ball sits inside a second flexible plastic ball, trapping a cushioning wall of air in between. The player(s) rides inside the inner ball, bouncing and moving as the ball rolls along the ground or a track. Our Zorb Balls come in single- or double-entry and can be constructed with PVC (Polyvinyl chloride) or TPU (Thermoplastic polyurethane). We recommend that our Zorb Balls be used with one or more of our specially-designed inflatable tracks, including

  • Crossing 75
  • Crossing 100
  • ALT Crossing 75
  • ALT Crossing 100
  • Straight Line 75
  • Straight Line 100

HEC Worldwide Inflatables is one of the world’s premier providers of high-quality inflatable rides and games. All of our inflatable rides and games, including our selection of Zorb Balls and Tracks, are manufactured using today’s advanced materials and guaranteed to meet applicable safety standards.

For more information on purchasing an inflatable ride or game from HEC Worldwide Inflatables, we encourage you to visit www.hecworldwide.com.

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