Inflatable Sports Games

From soccer to outdoor billiards to jousting, we have it all with our inflatable sports and games! We offer an astounding over 25 different sports and games, including several multi-sport arenas that can be configured to offer a variety of sports options. Each one is manufactured using durable, high-quality, long-lasting materials and is designed to maximize player safety while optimizing the fun factor!

Our sports and games inflatables include:

  • Kick Shot: outdoors billiards with oversized inflatable balls
  • Soccer Dart: score by kicking the soccer ball at the inflatable dart board
  • Pro Sports Arena: configurable to accommodate up to 6 players in a variety of games like soccer, basketball, and more!
  • Dodger: a 20’ x 10’ dodgeball area for up to 6 players in two teams
  • Octagon Extreme™ & Octagon Extreme™ Digital Printing: a multi-sport arena with maximum flexibility for multiple games, all in one incredible design
  • Triple Threat Sports Arena: the ultimate configurable inflatable sports arena for basketball, soccer, and even volleyball
  • The Slippery Slope™ & The Slippery Slope™ Printed: players race their friends to see who can climb higher, faster
  • Slam Dunk: the inflatable bouncy runway gives players an extra spring to make that slam dunk
  • The 3 Play™: combines Full Court Press™, PK Shootout™ and QB Blitz™ into one great design
  • QB Blitz™: fun 1 on 1 competition as players throw the football through holes to gain yardage for their team
  • Full Court Press™: shoot, score, win with this unique take on inflatable basketbal
  • PK Shootout™: players kick their soccer balls past the goalie, causing the ball to come out on their opponent’s side! The first player to get all of the soccer balls to their opponent’s side wins!
  • Speed Cage™: test your pitching with a Baseball themed backdrop; also available as Soccer, Football, and Hockey
  • Home Run Derby: an inflatable indoor batting cage complete with plastic bat and foam balls
  • Skee Ball™: an inflatable version of this arcade favorite
  • Gnooly™ Ball: get all your balls onto your opponent’s side first by throwing them through the backdrop
  • Bouncy Boxing: inflatable arena comes with 2 pairs of oversized boxing gloves and 1 pair of headgear to make this bouncy boxing game both safe and fun
  • Sticky Wall™: don one of 4 sticky suits and see how high you can jump up the sticky wall
  • Pedestal Joust: knock opponents off the foam core pedestals; comes with 1 pair of foam Joust Poles and 1 pair of headgear, improving safety of play

HEC Worldwide Inflatables is one of the world’s premier providers of high-quality inflatable rides and games. All of our inflatable rides and games, including our selection of Inflatable Sports and Games, are manufactured using today’s advanced materials and guaranteed to meet applicable safety standards.

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