Inflatable Slides Wet : Dry

The slide has been a source of playground fun for decades. But today’s incredible inflatable slides and water slides have brought the thrill and excitement of the old-fashioned playground slide to new extremes! Slide down the shoot at incredible speeds, race friends to see who can slide the fastest, or stay cool on a hot day by slipping down an extreme inflatable water slides: our inflatable slides, whether wet or dry, deliver extreme fun for kids of all ages!

Many of our wet and dry slides feature unique configurations such as the mid-way hump and misting arches to make the experience just a little more extreme. And with our seamless slide lanes and integrated landing systems, even the most extreme slides are safer and more comfortable than ever before.

Our inflatable slides and our inflatable water slides come in a dazzling variety of sizes, lengths, and extremes to accommodate players of many different sizes and ages, depending on your target audience. They are also available in a rich variety of colors and themes perfect for any special event, but if you don’t find one that meets your needs, we can create a customized slide designed to match your specific brand or product.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables is one of the world’s premier providers of high-quality inflatable rides and games. All of our inflatable rides and games, including Inflatable Slides and Water Slides, are manufactured using today’s advanced materials and guaranteed to meet applicable safety standards.


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