Dart Wars : Inflatable Soccer Darts

Everyone loves an old-fashioned game of darts, but let’s face it: who wants to let their kids throw around sharp, pointy darts. Well, we have the solution: our inflatable Dart/Soccer Boards with sticky balls! Now your event can offer the thrill and excitement of darts without the hassle or worry.

So just what is Inflatable Soccer Darts? It’s a large-scale inflatable dart board covered with hooks and eyes to make it “sticky”. Players throw or kick “sticky” balls at the dart board to score points. The number of different games you can play is nearly infinite! The inflatable score board comes in a variety of different sizes, while the sticky balls can be small and medium for throwing or soccer-sized for kicking. It’s safe, exciting fun for kids and adults alike.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables is one of the world’s premier providers of high-quality inflatable rides and games. All of our inflatable rides and games, including inflatable dart wars / soccer darts, are manufactured using today’s advanced materials and guaranteed to meet applicable safety standards.

For more information on purchasing an inflatable ride or game from HEC Worldwide Inflatables, we encourage you to visit www.hecworldwide.com.



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