Most of the inflatables created by HEC Worldwide Inflatables are high-quality, single-piece units that do not require additional add-ons or pieces (with the notable exception of the blowers that provide keep the units inflated during play). However, some of our inflatables—particularly our sports-related inflatables—do require additional pieces such as balls, bats, jousts, headgear, boxing gloves, or other small parts designed to facilitate game play.

At the time of purchase, every inflatable comes with the appropriate accessories required to ensure immediate game play; moreover, we design each and every accessory with top-of-the-line materials and manufacturing techniques to ensure long-term durability and safety. But at the same time, we are realistic and we know that sometimes, small parts and pieces do break down under extensive wear-and-tear or simply go missing over time. Should you need to replace a broken or missing accessory to keep your inflatable fun and exciting, contact us directly to place your accessories order.


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