Custom Inflatables

Archways, Games, Rides, Entranceways, Mascots, and Logos: Make Your Sporting Event Fun and Memorable with a Customized Inflatable by HEC Worldwide

Are you seeking a way to bring in new fans, add excitement for fans new and old, and help your sporting event be a truly memorable experience for fans young and old? A customized inflatable by HEC Worldwide is the perfect way to generate excitement, create memorable branding, and truly leave a lasting impression for your players and fans alike!

Our customized inflatables are specifically designed to enhance the excitement at sporting events large and small. Manufactured with the same dedication to safety, quality, and ease of use as our inflatable slides and thrill rides, customized inflatables such as archways, entranceways, logos, and mascots are designed to be:

  • Eye-catching and exciting
  • Highly functional: easy to set up and take down
  • Light weight, portable, and easy to store during periods of non-use
  • Durable and long-lasting
  • Safe and sturdy, even during most types of inclement weather
  • Visible and memorable: to create a positive, lasting impression for your logo or brand

At HEC Worldwide, we specialize in customizing every inflatable to meet the unique needs of each and every customer. Our customized inflatables are designed to be exactly the size, shape, and color that you want, and of course can incorporate your logo, brand, or mascot. In other words, if you can dream it, we can design it—and build it just for you!

Our customized sports inflatables include:

Inflatable Arches, Entranceways and Event Inflatable Obstacle Courses

A customized inflatable archway, entranceway, or tunnel is the ideal way to build excitement as you bring fans into the stadium and guide players onto the field! Perfect for use in an outdoor arena or indoor stadium, your entranceway can take any shape or size you want, such as:

  • Your team’s helmet
  • Your school’s logo
  • Your team’s mascot

Provide obstacles for your annual road race or charity mud run.

And there’s more: an inflatable archway by HEC Worldwide is the perfect way to gather runners at the start line, highlight the finish line or provide obstacles for your annual road race or charity 5k or 10k race!

Inflatable Mascots and Logos

Bring your team’s mascot to life with a giant inflatable mascot! Fans absolutely love to pose for family photos or selfies with a giant 3D replica of your mascot or logo; it’s a great way to build energy, excitement, and enthusiasm for fans and teammates alike. Your inflatable mascot and/or 3D logo can be any eye-catching size you want.  We can even create a wearable inflatable mascot costume!

For more information on purchasing an inflatable ride, bounce house or game from HEC Worldwide Inflatables call 1-800-354-1183. Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing inflatable family entertainment centers, arenas, custom event structures and more!