Inflatable Water Sports

Amusement parks and inflatable slides and bounce houses are fun, but let’s face it, on a hot, sunny, sticky afternoon, most people are more interested in heading to the pool or the beach. So why not offer the best of both? With an Inflatable Water Sport activity by HEC Worldwide Inflatables, you can! Our customizable Inflatable Water Sports deliver hours of wet, watery fun, making a special event or party more awesome than ever.

Configurable to offer multiple different sports in the cool comfort of an inflatable pool or slide, our Inflatable Water Sports have it all! As long as you have ready access to a large, flat area, a good-quality water source (potable or city water is best), and an appropriate electricity supply, you are ready for your guests to enjoy extra thrills and cool excitement on a hot summer day! Contact HEC Worldwide Inflatables today to find out more about our specialized Inflatable Water Sport activities.

HEC Worldwide Inflatables is one of the world’s premier providers of high-quality inflatable rides and games. All of our inflatable rides and games, including Inflatable Water Sports, are manufactured using today’s advanced materials and guaranteed to meet applicable safety standards.

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