Your Bounce House Rental Business: All It Takes Is a Little Investment and a Little Time for Entrepreneurial Success!

If you have that entrepreneurial spirit, a bounce house rental business could be an amazing opportunity! While the idea of purchasing one or more inflatables to get your business started may sound intimidating at first, a little up-front research will quickly demonstrate that it’s easier and more affordable than you might think. And the best part about a bounce house rental business is that you can start small, then watch your business grow.

HEC Worldwide is dedicated to helping small business entrepreneurs like yourself get started in the party supply / inflatable rental business. A leading manufacturer of high-quality bounce houses, inflatable slides, and inflatable rides and games, we will work with you to select the right equipment for your business, including a standard or customized bounce house or inflatable and all accessories you need to make your business a success. We even offer competitive financing to help make your entrepreneurial dream a reality!

Still in Doubt? See a Sample Business Plan for Your Bounce House Rental Business

Once you start looking into the details, you will be amazed at how quickly you can generate ROI (return on investment) with a bounce house rental business. If you want to start small, a standard castle bounce house from HEC Worldwide can potentially begin to pay for itself after only about three months! For the more adventurous entrepreneurs, extreme slide / bouncy house combo packages can be both affordable and generate returns after only four months, depending on the package you select.

Let’s look at the details more closely*.

For example:

  • Cost for one standard bounce house: $1,750

Rental fee: $90/day (an average rental time of 1.5 days/week)

Weekly income: $135

Your bouncy house could begin to pay for itself after just 13 weeks!


  • Cost for one bounce house AND one colossal slide: $4,245

Rental fee: $195/day (an average rental time of 1.5 days/week)

Weekly income: $292.50

Your combo package could begin to pay for itself in less than 15 weeks!


  • Cost for one bounce house & slide combo unit AND one inflatable obstacle course: $11,000

Rental fee: $590/day (an average rental time of 1.5 days/week)

Weekly income: $885/week

Your inflatables could begin to pay for themselves in just under 13 weeks!

* Examples are for demonstration purposes only. Actual prices vary. For specific details on the cost of our inflatables, or for information on our specials, please contact HEC Worldwide directly!


Get Started Today: Other Up-Front Cost

Of course, as with any business there are always a few other up-front costs to think about when starting your bounce house rental business. You will need a van or truck to transport your bounce house(s), but if you already have a family mini-van or pick-up truck, you may not need to make a special investment in transportation right away. Same with a storage facility: if your basement is dry and pest-free, you may be able to store your bouncy houses there!

Because you want to protect yourself and your investment from potential liability or financial damages down the road, it is important to work with a lawyer and insurance agent to be sure that your business is in compliance with all local and state laws and that you have the right insurance protection to cover yourself and your business in case of injury or other financial claim. While this can seem daunting at first, these up-front costs are usually fairly small and easy to recoup with the right pricing structure.

So, the details are clear: a bounce house rental business can be an exciting entrepreneurial opportunity and a fun way to generate income, even part-time. At HEC Worldwide, we look forward to helping you select the right bounce house or inflatable structure to get your business going, and growing!

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