Portable or Permanent Inflatable Paintball Field Arena Designs

Create Your Own Specialized, Customized Paintball Arena for Years of Easy, Exciting Fun for Your Clients with Just a Little Help from HEC Worldwide!

At HEC Worldwide, our goal is to help you incorporate the fun and excitement of paintball into your business with a customized inflatable paintball arena! Traditionally, paintball required setting up a large, permanent, and expensive outdoor area reserved only for that one purpose. An inflatable paintball arena by HEC Worldwide eliminates that hassle by offering a better option: a portable field or bunker that is easy to set up, easy to use, and customized to meet your unique business and marketing needs.

Our designers will work with you to create the perfect paintball arena specifically suited to meet your needs. All it takes is an understanding of your requirements, such as the space in which you plan to use the arena, portability requirements, and other design specifications, and then just a little bit of imagination. Some examples of arena options include:

  • An open playing field defined by low inflatable walls
  • An enclosed field with inflatable and net walls
  • A series of interconnected, inflatable rooms
  • An inflatable paintball maze for added thrills and excitement

Every paintball arena comes with inflatable bunkers and obstacles of a variety of sizes, which can be configurable or fixed in place. The size and shape of the arena are up to you. And because your arena is personalized, it will be designed to maximize the visibility of your brand, including your colors and even your logo!

Durable, Safe, and Easy: The Perfect Paintball Solution

Known for our high-quality, durable, and safe extreme water slides, HEC Worldwide brings the same manufacturing expertise and safety standards to our inflatable paintball arenas as we do our inflatable thrill rides. We incorporate high-quality and long-lasting materials with several of our key manufacturing features such as:

  • Tubular Support Structure
  • Balanced Pressurization
  • Multi-Environment Anchoring
  • Sealed Air & Constant Air Construction
  • Integrated Transportability

At HEC Worldwide, we understand that old, but important saying, “Time is Money”! Therefore, we design our inflatable paintball arenas to be transportable and easy to use by your staff. That means that with just a little training from our inflatable experts, your team will be able to transport, set up, and take down the inflatable arena with ease. Once set up, the inflatable inflates and deflates in just minutes, minimizing downtime and maximizing your profits. Our inflatable materials are extremely durable and made to withstand years of jumping, bouncing, and pounding to ensure that your customized paintball arena offers your clients years of thrilling paintball fun!

For more information on purchasing or creating a custom designed inflatable ride, bounce house or game by HEC Worldwide Inflatables call 1-800-354-1183.  HEC has over 30 years of experience in manufacturing inflatable family entertainment centers, arenas, custom event structures and more!