Marketing & Advertising Professionals: Attract the Right Kind of Attention with an Eye-Catching Custom-Designed Giant Inflatable by HEC Worldwide!

Are you searching for a fun way to attract attention and showcase your products? HEC Worldwide has the answer: a custom-designed giant inflatable! We can design exactly the right inflatable—in exactly the shape, size, and color scheme needed to match your brand—to grab your customer’s attention from near and far. A giant advertising inflatable, customized just for you by HEC Worldwide, is a great way to add fun and character to your organization’s marketing strategy!

If you can imagine it, we can design it and create it! Our customized large scale advertising inflatables can take any shape needed to highlight your product and/or brand, including:

  •  Giant logos
  •  Inflatable signage
  •  Giant balloons
  •  Mascots / product characters
  •  Product replicas
  •  Arches & tunnels
  •  And much, much more!

Our inflatables can be stationary or include eye-catching movement. They can be designed to any size specifications, depending on your requirements, and are always easy to set up, take down, and transport. Perfect for trade shows, festivals and fairs, grand openings, sponsored events, or simply to catch the eye of passing customers, a giant inflatable by HEC Worldwide is the perfect way to advertise your name, your logo, your message, and/or your product!

At HEC Worldwide, large-scale customized inflatables are our specialty. Each one is designed and manufactured exactly to your specifications, to be sure that it meets your exacting standards, represents and advertises your brand, and helps you achieve your marketing and advertising goals!

Giant Inflatables by HEC Worldwide: A Lasting Investment for Your Marketing Strategy

Every giant advertising inflatable we design and build meets our extremely high design and manufacturing standards, so when you purchase a customized inflatable from HEC Worldwide, you can be certain that you are making a lasting investment into your marketing strategy. Our top priorities are quality, durability, and safety of every one of our products. While your advertising inflatable will look unique on the outside, it will be crafted with the highest quality materials to ensure performance, long-term durability, and ease of logistics. Every inflatable we build includes our proprietary inflatable systems, including:

  •  Tubular support structure, so your inflatable can be as big and as visible as you want
  •  Balanced pressurization for optimal viewing, to avoid unattractive and lopsided deflation
  •  Sealed air & constant air construction, to ensure that you aren’t wasting electricity pumping air OUT of your giant inflatable!

Yet most importantly, our goal is to ensure that your giant advertising inflatable promotes and enhances your brand, and that you can use it! Our inflatable products are easy to install and securely anchor, even in adverse weather conditions (although some inflatables may have restrictions about use in inclement weather). Moreover, our inflatables are amazingly simple to inflate and deflate, store and move as needed whenever and wherever you need to promote your business with character and fun!

For more information on purchasing an inflatable ride, bounce house or game from HEC Worldwide Inflatables call 1-800-354-1183. Over 30 years of experience in manufacturing inflatable family entertainment centers, arenas, custom event structures and more!